We support many activities including Snooker, Billiards, Bowls, Darts, Line Dancing and Skittles

Snooker / Billiards

The A team finished 11th out of 12 in division 2 so will be demoted to division 3 next season.
The B team finished 3rd out of 11 in division 3 so will be promoted to division 2 next season.
The billiards team finished 4th out of 5 with 97 points.
Everyone enjoyed the season.
The 2019/2020 season will start in late September early October and continue through to March.
Billiards is played on Tuesdays and most snooker is played on
Thursdays, a few clubs play on Wednesdays due to having more than 2 teams.
We are always looking for new players, so come along for a chat.



The snooker A team finished 2nd out of 12 teams, with 50 points, after 22 games and should be promoted to the 2nd division.

The snooker B team finished 3rd from bottom with 41 points.

The billiards team finished 4th of 4 teams, with 158 points, after quite a tight season of 24 games.

I have reached the semi finals of the individual handicapped billiards competitions out of 16 players.

The AGM of the league is on June 11th at Frensham British Legion Club at 8pm. All new players welcome.



The snooker teams have played 5 weeks and presently the A team is 2nd of 12 in the 3rd division having won 2, drawn 2, and lost 1, with 11 points and the B team are 9th of 12 with 9 points having won 1, drawn 2 and lost 2, also in the 3rd division.
The billiards team are presently 3rd of 4 teams having played 4 of 5 weeks with 29 points, one being postponed, won 3 and lost 1 weeks with 8 frames under their belt. All results according to the Web site
200 league players, friends and followers attended the 20th anniversary presentation evening of the Farnham and District Billiards and Snooker League for last season on the 9th November at Lindford club. the evening started with some trick shots demonstrated by John Virgo, followed by the snooker players with the highest break from each division and a lucky ticket winner, playing a frame against Steve Davis with commentary by John Virgo, including jokes and banter, and trophies being presented to all the winners and runners up by Steve between the frames.

Virgo Davis

A presentation was also made to Steve Markham who has refereed for the presentation evenings for 19 of the last 20 years and taught several players to be referees and has now retired. A very well supported evening enjoyed by all.


2017 snooker and billiards

The teams play in The Farnham and District Billiards and Snooker League. Snooker is played mostly on Thursdays and Billiards on a Tuesday between September and March.

Our club and the league is always looking for new teams/players for both sports especially Billiards as there are presently only 4 teams. There are 4 players per snooker teams and 3 players in the Billiard team who all have individual handicaps due to the different skill levels of the individual players.

The A team were in the second division and although they enjoyed the season, they finished second to last with 39 points having played 26 games winning 4, drawing 8 and loosing 14.

The B team were in the third division and also enjoyed the season, they finished fourth from bottom with 35 points having played 20 games winning 5, drawing 5 and loosing 10.

The C team sadly had to withdraw from third division half way through the season due to lack of support.

The Billiards team also enjoyed their season and finished last with 146 points having played 24 games winning 7 and loosing 17.

The teams took part in the end of season handicapped team knockout but unfortunately were knocked in the early rounds.

If you interested in playing during the winter and fancy representing the club, then have a chat at the bar and they’ll get you in touch with Mark Franklin. Alternatively, send your details to and they will be forwarded to Mark.


At the Club we have a full size snooker table which is serviced regularly.
We currently have 3 snooker teams and 1 billiard team that enjoy competing in the Farnham District Billards and Snooker League between September and March.
One snooker team is in the second division and the other two are in the third division.
There is only one division for the billiards.
New players are always welcome.
The table is available to all members during club opening hours seven days a week, except on match days.



Lower Bourne Social Club -v- The Bourne Bowls Club
Saturday 8th September 2018




The weather was kind and all looked forward to the bowls club -v- club rematch. The club put up four teams of three to play triples against the bowls club’s finest. There was an added incentive for all today because we were inaugurating the LBSC club v club trophy. The crowd watched in anticipation – was there going to be an upset, who would come out on top?

We played a couple of warm up bowls to acquaint newbies with the rules and to test out the bias of the wood, then the match got under way.

It was nip and tuck on the 3rd link, between Graham, Betty and Robert representing the bowls club and Nigel, Jeff, and Dave representing the club. The bowls team got off to a good start but by the time of the 13th end, the club were just in front. The bowls club dug in and come the 18th end, Graham and his team were leading, with Nigel’s team needing 2 points to draw the match. Alas it wasn’t to be. The three other club teams all put up a good show, but as the bowls club had the advantage of playing at home, the club were soundly beaten.

All retired to the club house and enjoyed the hospitality of the bowls team and the efforts of all in putting on a great tea.

Graham officiated with thanks to all and a call for this pleasant afternoon to become a regular fixture and Nigel presented him with the trophy, which will no doubt be proudly on display in the bowls club.

Finally, a big thank you to the bar staff and the bowls ladies for ensuring that we were fed and watered!

Nigel Tidey
Club Secretary


Visit the Bourne Bowls Club website here:

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Darts is a game that is mainly played during the winter months, and here at the Lower Bourne Social Club we have 8 teams competing in various leagues throughout the winter, and 3 in the summer.

We have three match boards, better known as oches (that’s the line you stand behind to throw your darts). Teams play in local leagues on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

And its not just a sport for men of a certain age as we have three mixed teams, which play in the local winter league, and you can play at any age (as long as someone who is over 18 and a member can sign you).

If darts is your game why not pop in and have a chat with the  bar staff about joining.


Line Dancing

Every Thursday at the club, about 8pm, so why not come along and give it a go.



We host a nursery. For further details visit their website at:


The Wey Valley Flydressers

We also host meetings of The Wey Valley Flydressers. Find their website here: (link opens in a new tab/window)